Ezzy Sails presents the Taka

by Riding Teamon 01/03/2014
For a year now, we have seen the Ezzy Sails team trying and testing prototypes of a three batten wavesail. This sail is now an official Ezzy one, and it’s called the Taka. After Hot Sails who has been the first brand to sale a three batten wavesail, the KS3, a Kauli Seadi pro-model, Ezzy […]

Kauli Seadi is back on Mauï

by Riding Teamon 28/02/2014
After spending almost a year on the boat Kauli Seadi BRA-253 returned to Hawaii in November. He again was blessed with typically great conditions at Sprecks and Ho’okipa. Kauli’s new video is a quite usual one : great action, perfect conditions and his very own powerful and stylished rides. Check it out the first of […]


Hookipa is delivering again !

by Riding Teamon 28/02/2014
The hookipa regular shooter Jimmie Hepp made a nice gallery of the last big session in Hookipa yesterday. After a big port-tack session in January, the usual conditions are back in Mauï. All the big names are arriving in the island as the annual windsurfing photoshoot season is about to start in Mauï… Levi Siver, […]

GoPro is the new sponsor of the WCT and BWWT

by Riding Teamon 27/02/2014
ASP Ceo Paul Speaker : We’re thrilled to welcome GoPro into the ASP family and work with them to showcase the extraordinary abilities of our world-class athletes, ASP’s partnership with GoPro will add an exciting new dimension to our event coverage and help us tell the stories of the world’s best surfers on the world’s […]


The Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour

by Riding Teamon 26/02/2014
France is known for hosting some of the best european wave spots, but there was almost no wave contest there these last years. Jean Baptiste Caste organized in 2013 two nice events in Carro (Carro Wave Classic) and Wissant (Wissant Wave Classic) introducing the waiting period concept in France. Folowing the success of these two […]

Video : Zane Schweitzer on fire (Sunset Beach Pro)

by Riding Teamon 19/02/2014
Waterman League
Zane Schweitzer has been on fire on the first event of the Waterman League 2014 world tour, the Sunset Beach Pro in Oahu, Hawaii. He has made it to the final heat where he competed against Caio Vaz ( BRAZIL – Art in Surf ), Kai Lenny ( HAWAII – Naish ) and Keahi de Aboitiz ( AUSTRALIA […]


21days : Ace Buchan and Matt Wilkinson Episode 1

by Riding Teamon 19/02/2014
“21 days” is a webserie from Red Bull followin the best surfers of the world on their trips and trains to the 2014 ASP World tour. Here is a new one with Ace Buchan and Matt Wilkinson : Here a his the Red Bull synposis of this new 21 Days episode : The official start […]

Overseas by Sander Bos

by Riding Teamon 17/02/2014
Sander Bos is a 23 years olds kitesurfer from the Netherlands. He recently travelled to Brazil and came back witht this nice video : Overseas | Sander Bos from Sander Bos on Vimeo. Sander describes his trip : During the winter I went ‘Overseas’ to Brazil to train my ass off. This video is the […]


North Kiteboarding presents the Soleil 2014

by Riding Teamon 17/02/2014
North Kiteboarding presents his new board designed especially for the women riders, the Soleil 2014 : Here are North Kiteboarding Soleil 2014 dscription from the developpment team : The Soleil utilises a completely new construction and design for this year. The board echoes the trend among riders looking for boards with more length. The longer […]

Magnaplasm, a gift from Surfing Magazine

by Riding Teamon 17/02/2014
Surfing Magazine has something for you… The full version of the legendary surf movie Magnaplasm !!! Who knows if Volcom’s 1998 blockbuster Magnaplasm will ever find its way into surf history books? Purists might write the film off as too weird, too wild to be an authentic piece of our past — but where has purism ever […]